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Meet The Founder

Hey 360 Fam, 

I'm Erica Williams: mother, wife, serial entrepreneur and a certified Georgia peach. Along with being the Founder of Serenity 360 Wellness Bar, I'm also a Financial Consultant and Certified Chef. Serenity 360 is not only my life's work, it is my story. I believe in the power of speaking my truth and being transparent. I speak on my ups, downs, flaws, obstacles, and lessons. I'm not embarrassed by them and neither should you. I see it as my therapy, it helps me to stay motivated and reminds me of all the traumas I have been able to overcome. I've gained understanding, perspective and a new mindset. My Passion and Purpose is mentoring others to be comfortable, grateful and authentic with themselves. I truly believe if we all would focus more on ourselves, we would see the great qualities we each have and learn to appreciate our differences. When I needed to find healing and peace, I decided to seek help. Through a 10 week program with my life coach, Dr. Crystal Law, I was able to discover my purpose (at the age of 38). My journey to finding total wellness motivated me to create a space for others to do the same. You are not alone on your journey. Serenity 360 is here to provide the community, support, and resources you need to accomplish your goals. You can be sure to book a consultation with me, your S360 Financial advisor. I'm ready to take this journey with you. See you soon!

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